Mission(s) Accomplished

Today marks a celebration of many goals that I set out to accomplish this winter all being met. Some were physical, others were mental and a few were professional & fiscal. I was fortunate enough to overcome a knee injury as well as a back injury and still get this all done. Here are some highlights:

I received my Children’s Specialist 1 Certification in December.

I accomplished the task of becoming Alpine Level 2 Certified in February.

Alpine Level 2 Cert
The Silver Pin!

April Fool’s Finale (but not a joke…)
I ran my first half marathon ever, and did it under my 2 hour goal. I thought a 10k was my mileage maximum but I have surprised myself!

Mission Accomplished

A few shoutouts to those that really made it all possible.

-All the Aspen/Snowmass Training Staff. You rock!

-Aspen Rec Center for your hampster wheels.

-Dr. Rachel Langsam Chiropractor

-Mom and Dad for believing in me. Thanks for being there to listen when I need to ramble, and at the same time knowing when it’s best to let me be.

-For your incredible encouragement, motivation, being a shoulder to lean on and endless laughs, a big thank you to Jon Delk(http://jondelk.wordpress.com/)

-For your amazing “Keep your $#!% together” clinic that helped me get through it all, big thanks to Kate Howe (www.skiingintheshower.com)


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