5th Place?

Last weekend I got the privilege of running my first overseas 10k. There’s a local running series at Jack’s Point outside Queenstown over the winter season. (Check out Active QT Frontrunner Series)

It was a small race, run very simply (no timing chips here folks). I also loved that it was a family event, dogs and all. Everybody stuck around for the awards ceremony after the race. It really reminded me of the small races we used to run as a family when I was a kid.

It was the first time I’d gone into a race blind, not knowing what the course held in store for me. Apparently some hills were in store. Nothing major but more elevation gain than expected. Luckily, I’d inadvertently done some hill work the week before and all the backpacking and cycling before leaving the states must have helped as well. The hills did slow my time a bit, so no PR on this race. Unfortunately, due to a misclassification as a 5k runner rather than a 10k runner, my results didn’t make it in the right spot. If they had I would have placed 5th in the Female Age 16-39 category. This is crazy to me as I’m normally looking for my name way down the list. It was a small race but I’ll still make it my bit of a claim to fame.

Hoping to make the next run of the series in July, but all will depend on work!


The view from the start/finish at Jack’s Point


Stoked post-race faces!


Never forget this.



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