Crazy to think we’ve already been back over a month. It’s felt so easy this time around. We have been trying to take advantage of all the there is to offer in New Zealand, and it has resulted in a well rounded month thus far. It was the first week of Australia and New Zealand School Holidays and things have really picked up on the mountain. Been keeping plenty busy with teaching, running (wrapping up week 3 of half marathon training in winter) and each of us recovering from a cold. I’m also 3 weeks post toe injury. My toe has gotten better, it’s about 80% there. I’m no longer running around with a mini-toe cast under my ski boots and running shoes which has made life easier. We even celebrated the 4th of July with Moroccan baked beans and New Zealand Pinot Noir…ALMOST American.

Some highlights of the week:

Eaten some all the homemade granola (hello comfort food when you’ve got a cold). Proceeded to make another batch and that got gobbled too. Guilty.

What’s in the cupboard granola

It was yum!

Seen some amazing sunrises on the way to work

Coronet Sunrise

The guys had a snowboard instructor exercise-ball-balance-medicine-ball-toss-off at Queenstown Gym


Checked out some Brewskis. Didn’t drink them due to previously mentioned cold, but prepared to grab a brewski soon

Ran Race 3 of the ActiveQT Frontrunner Queenstown at Jack’s Point. Ran it faster than last time, in -4 C temps at the start. Winner of most scenic course I’ve ever run.

The Remarkables as seen from Jack’s Point. The only other mountain range to run directly North to South besides the Rocky Mountains.

Until next time,



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