Ohau I Love Weekend Ski Trips

Took a quick road trip this weekend to check out some other nearby ski fields.

The first day we headed to Lake Tekapo, north of Queenstown, to check out a field called Roundhill. It was literally a roundhill, perched to the east of the lake. The weather, views and crowd were fantastic. I’d never seen so many people so happy to just be skiing. It was the first place where there was a rope tow that required a ‘nutcracker’ and harness to ride. A nutcracker is essentially a clamp that helps you grip the rope and is attached to a harness to aid you up the hill. For more on those, check this out. Here’s a bit of a video on how it works. Essentially, you just hang on for dear life. It’s also the steepest, longest rope tow in Oceania. It travels 1,473 meters with a vertical rise of 626 meters. There was a surprising amount of terrain and vertical to explore, all accessible by some form of surface lift.  And yes, my forearms are still aching from that ride 2 days later.

Roundhill Ski Field

That evening we checked out Tekapo Springs for a well deserved soak. We had a gorgeous view of the blue moon over Lake Tekapo. Also got the chance to eat an interactive meal at Mackenzie’s in Tekapo Springs called Stonegrill where your food comes out on a hot stone and you cook it on the stone as you go. Each bite of lamb and beef was hot and cooked perfectly.  I’d recommend giving it a go if you’re ever anywhere it’s offered.

Roundhill & Ohau

The next day we cruised off to Ohau, with a bit of a tourist stop off at Lake Pukaki. It is so blue that it even appears fake from a satellite image.

It’s gorgeous blue waters were stunning, even on an overcast day, as was the stillness of the water that made for an amazing mirrored vista of the mountains.

We got in a good day at Ohau, even though a storm was moving in. There’s some great hike-to terrain that would open up a massive world of  a backcountry playground. Loved the down to earth simplicity and the reggae blasting in the base area. It was time to head back home, not complete without a roadside purchase of some rocket (arugula) to make a gorgeous salad to accompany dinner.

Lake Pukaki, Blue Moon and Farm Fresh Love


Until the next adventure,


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