Broken Fibula?

Thanks for all the kind words of support and encouragement, hope this blog answers most of the questions I’ve been getting.

It was a typical day in Queenstown. I’d taught skiing all day then cruised home and headed out for a run alongside the lake before the sun went down. I was about 4 miles into a run, when a sharp, excruciating pain shot through my ankle and caused it to buckle underneath me. No roll. No stumble. No dramatic moment. I tested the idea of off and on jogging and quickly realized that wasn’t an option and walked home. Thankful for shock and endorphins that had to be the only way I made it.

Luckily, I’m fortunate enough to have a wonderful fiancé who does a great job at being my caretaker. He got me right on the RICE-ing (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Shout out to Mom for the compression socks!

The following morning there was still no bruising, swelling or discoloration, yet same insane pain upon weight bearing. It’s not behaving like a break or a sprain.

Off to the Queenstown Medical Centre we go. I was able to get in to see a General Practitioner. Got some x-rays and some poking and prodding. The GP checked the x-rays, along with a fracture specialist who was in that day. All they could find is what they were calling a ‘blip’ on my fibula that matched the same spot as my acute pain. I was sent away with a compression bandage and told to take Tylenol for pain.

More RICE-ing, no changes besides weight bearing becoming more painful. J was headed up to Mt. Hutt to run some snowboard training. Figured lounging injured is really the same no matter where I am. The change of scenery has been nice.

With the increasing difficulty of getting around, my concern of whether or not I should be weight bearing as well as unsupported started to grow. Yesterday, Mt. Hutt was closed due to strong winds. The silver lining here is that we were able to jet over to Christchurch to Sportsmed, a Sports Medicine clinic that our friend Maz had recommended. They were fantastic! They were prompt, thorough and extremely accommodating since we’d come from halfway across the South Island.

Another round of x-rays, poking and prodding and my injury has baffled another doctor. They did sort me out with a moon boot and robot arms so I’m getting around more comfortably, confidently and quickly. I’m pretty much as quick as Turbo now. Looking at a 6 week recovery window.


I am now on the request list for an urgent MRI to try to gain more insight into this thing. Hoping I hear sometime today on when we can proceed. Tricky though as there are only a few MRI machines on the South Island so getting in can be tough.

Keep this updated as I know more!

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