It’s Broken

Alright, time for the bad-good-bad news sandwich.

So, the bad news is that I do have a broken fibula. Turns out ‘the blip’ on the x-rays showed as a break on the MRI. I’ve got 6 weeks of recovery ahead of me. First 2 in the boot and crutches, second 2 in the boot without crutches and the final 2 with no aids, just toughening up. I will be boot free by my birthday and entirely free by J’s.


The good news is we know what’s wrong currently. We know the extent of my injury. I also have an amazing guy taking care of me making sure I’m on the mend (and have plenty of vegetables and wine in the meantime)

The other piece of bad news bread is that we don’t know why my leg just broke with no significant trauma. Is it a stress fracture? Do I have low bone density? Despite a good diet and thorough supplementing, is my lack of summer sun creating a natural Vitamin D deficiency making my Calcium absorption insignificant? More questions running through my mind and hopefully will eventually know more.

Off to Queenstown home tomorrow,

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