3 weeks

Today marks 3 weeks from the date of injury. I’d say not much has changed, but at the same time, I’ve realized some things have. I have been heading to the gym every day to do as much as I am able to, mostly to keep some amount of strength and sanity. It has snowed here a bit in the last week, so at least the views are nice.


I have been baking up a storm this morning, trying to use up a bunch of ingredients that we have around the house so they don’t go to waste when we leave New Zealand. I’m fairly convinced I’m meant to be some retired lady in her 60’s. I made three, new to me, recipes today. All Dairy Free (with the exception of eating one with yogurt). Check them out if you’re keen.

Here’s some injury updates:

  • I have begun water physio, where I go in a hot pool and do simple (think point and flex your foot) exercises to increase my ROM (Range of Motion) and flexibility in a safe, less weight bearing scenario. I’m also allowed to walk forwards, backwards and both ways sideways.
  • I still have no bruising or swelling.
  • I can climb/descend stairs one foot per stair at a time about 50% of the time (where as previously I had to take each stair two footed every time)
  • I can sit cross legged about 75% of my attempts
  • I can put pants on without having to sit down
  • I can kick the covers to make the bed, while I’m still in it (a skill I’ve perfected over a lifetime)
  • I theoretically have one week of the boot left. Hoping for some leaps and bounds of stability before next Monday.

Until next time,


One thought on “3 weeks

  1. Erma E. Beck says:

    So glad you are progressing so well!! Knew you would — you are such a determined girl!!. Bet you are anxious to get home. Are these flood’s from the rain,s affecting JON’S parent’s any? I sure hope not. Love you both!!!!! Grandma

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